Driven and Passionate.
Creatively Savvy.

Services Include Web Design and Mobile Application Design

Creating a long lasting relationship with satisfying work is something I value.
I understand the challenges of online marketing and creating functional user friendly websites.

But hey, if all you want is a friendly game of catch, we can do that too... and yes - the high fives come free!


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Let’s Play Ball

I’m here to make the web better and help you achieve your creative needs. Creating clean, functional designs while allowing for an exceptional user experience is something I value. So let’s play ball together - I promise I won’t throw you any curve balls.



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Projects I’ve enjoyed working on!

DK Bat Company

Canadian Made Baseball Bats for the professional and amateur level.


Apex Inspection Solutions

Coming Soon - Automotive inspection services company based in Ontario.


Sidearm Nation

Helping pitchers learn the art of sidearm and submarine pitching.



Was an online meal planning software created to help people live healthier lives.


Gametree Mac

Gametree Mac is a commerce site which sells video games for Mac OSX ported from PC games.


Let's Get in Touch!

I'm always interested in chatting.

You can call me here - 416.358.7199 me here!


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